North Wootton Parish Council is committed to working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all parishioners.  This includes responding positively to complaints by putting right mistakes where it can, and learning from its lessons.

If you wish to make a complaint against the Parish Council, please do so in writing to the Parish Clerk.  For further detail on our complaints policy, please click here..

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5 Responses to Complaints

  1. Rob Archer says:

    Not sure whether this is the responsibility of the Parish Council, but I am extremely concerned about the recent installation of 5mph speed limit signs on the National Cycle Network Route 1 cycleway through Wootton Park. It is almost impossible to ride a bicycle safely at 5mph and adhering to this limit may well increase collisions. If enforced, it will make use of this route by the hundreds of commuters and tourists who use this route almost impossible. To my knowledge there is nowhere else on the NCN with a specific speed limit, let alone on this low. It will not solve any safety issues (real or perceived) as ‘problem’ riders will ignore it anyway. It is also unenforceable as most cycles don’t have speedometers. Rather than actually improve safety it will just increase antagonism towards cyclists, however safely or courteously they are riding. It may also set a precedent for other anti-cycling measures elsewhere on the network. I have no problem with a sign reminding people that it is a shared-use path but rather than a speed limit the words ‘please ride carefully’ are put where the 5mph roundel is. It may also be illegal as a speed limit on a public right of way usually requires as Traffic Regulation Order, which had not been done in this case. I have enquired with Sustrans and Norfolk Highways and they deny any knowledge of this speed limit. Could this please be investigated and the signs removed or modified as soon as possible.

  2. Rod Lee says:

    I am raising a concern rather than a complaint as I a resident of North Wootton whose home overlooks Wootton Park. I believe we are fortunate to live in a lovely place like North Wootton. As a resident and a dog walker I often use the park for walking our dog. Today, I took our dog for a walk. On my way home I used the path with the dog on lead following the advice that is displayed in the park because of need for social distancing.
    Whilst walking along the path I was overtaken by a guy and two teenagers lads going flat out on their bikes who almost hit me and the dog. As they went past me I said to the guy politely they were going to fast. He stopped got off his bike and aggressively said no they were not speeding and what did I expect that this was a cycle path! I said it was both a public and cycle path and there were signs at either end of path which ask both cyclists and walkers to remember other users.

    I am not sure the Parish Council can do anything but help us all to be a bit more considerate to each other.

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